November 9, 2011 / Essex Weddings, Gaynes Park

Essex wedding: Gaynes Park wedding photo's, Allie and Jon


A few faves from Allie and Jon’s day at Gaynes Park in Essex.

I’m a big fan of classic VW’s. The ‘Splity’ hired for transporting the bridesmaids was a classic example.

Again, a wonderful drop of Autumnal light, that allowed us to make full use of the amazing garden at Gaynes.

As I shoot wedding photography at this venue a few times a year, I always try and find something new with a portrait idea. This time we waited until the evening and used a corner of the upstairs in the barn. A careful balance of ambient light and some soft off-camera flash for a romantic feel.


Sorry for the late comment Simon, but the pictures are so good every time I look at them I see something different which reminds me of the fabulous day it was. You couldn’t have known, but the wording on the wedding invitations invited the guests “with love and friendship” and those words shine through in all the photographs.It really will be a hard decision to choose which ones we will have for the album.

Thank you so much.

Simon the photographs are amazing and really capture the day, we had such a great time. The day went by in such a blur, so looking at all the pictures is a great reminder of a fab day.

The photographs are stunning and really captured our day. Thank you for keeping me calm whilst getting ready whilst (I now realise) picking up on all the details of my dress, shoes etc! We loved how you kept the portraits to a minimum and then concentrated on our friends and family. How did you manage to find any light in the Old Hall!?!

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