July 11, 2013 / Gosfield Hall, Uncategorized

Gosfield Hall wedding photography: Natalie and Ryan


It’s hotter than the hinges of Hades. Which, although a bit fierce in the middle of the day, does mean we get stonking light around 8pm….whooohoooo! great light and a wonderful couple to work with – Natalie and Ryan.

I’ve posted a few extra portraits here and even a group shot. It seem’s I am getting a name for pure documentary style wedding photography. I’m not sure there is such a thing. Every wedding I photograph does include 6-8 family groups and some creative portrait work.

My philosphy remains the same. It’s your day, not mine. The only set pieces are a few groups and around 20 minutes or portraits…hopefully generating something that would look great on the living room wall.

It was a wonderful day at Gosfield Hall in Essex. Relaxed, slightly informal and a very amusing crowd. Talking of amusing, Capture Cab photo booth was busy all night and just hilarious to watch the fun.

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