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Maison Talbooth wedding photography. Faye and David.


Maison Talbooth wedding photography. Faye and David.

Maison Talbooth wedding photography is always a pleasure for me. The grounds, the pool area, inside the house…it’s a stunning building. The food is also somewhat spectacular!

The great location was made ever better by the heat and sunshine. Also adding to the mix that makes a memorable wedding to photograph was a really nice couple. David. Big guy. Equally as big personality. A gentle giant. Faye. I met Faye some time ago, she booked me quite early for her wedding day. I could tell when I met her that she cared, really cared about the details of the day, the enjoyment of their guests and the photographs – which clearly were high on on her list of importance.

David and Faye had their service at Maison Talbooth with a blessing at Dedham church afterwards. Sadly the church had a strict no photography policy. This was a real shame as I love to capture the expressions and emotions of the couple during the service. The church was vast and light, so it wouldn’t have been a problem to use a long lens and hide away out of sight somewhere. it’s always worth checking with your minister first if you have a church wedding. There is no set protocol and it’s all down to the discretion of the minister conducting the service.

They day was growing increasing hotter as everyone arrived back at Maison Talbooth. The venue served some amazing food while the guests enjoyed the gardens. After some speeches the best bit – pool party! What a cool area on a day like this. The kids on the pool (including a few large ones) the grown-ups enjoying a cool drink and a few laughs.

I thought the first dance around the pool area was a wonderful sight. Low summer sun flaring my camera lens….a favourite look of mine.

I really enjoyed meeting Faye and David and covering their Maison Talbooth wedding photography. My best wishes to you both for a lifetime of happiness together.

Maison Talbooth wedding photographer

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