Great wedding photography is a rare and wonderful thing. Reaching far beyond the spectacle of the day itself, great wedding photographs can capture a special individual moment, freezing forever that split-second in time: the nerves of a best man as he sneaks another furtive peek at his crumpled speech; the warmth of a grandparent’s approving smile; the glowing pride of a mother and father; and, of course, the unbridled joy of the happy couple themselves.

My name is Simon Carr and I photograph weddings. My chosen profession is the most difficult thing I know, which is perhaps why doing it, and doing it to the best of my ability, gives me such immense satisfaction.

I come from the world of advertising. After graduating from Art College, I spent the next 15 years as an art director, creating compelling imagery for some of the most well known brands in the world. This was my proving ground. It was where I mastered my craft from behind the lens. Beyond the essentials of composition and lighting, which themselves take years to master, this past vocation also taught me how to capture feelings. It taught me how to tell a story.

Ten years ago I decided that I wanted to tell a different type of story. I wanted to tell stories that were of a deeply personal nature. Stories that people really cared about. Stories about love and about commitment. I chose to tell wedding stories. Examples of these stories can be found here within my portfolio, and you are invited to take a look through them. I’m proud of what I do. And, should you decide to commission me to tell your wedding story, I sincerely hope that you will be proud of my work too.