September 22, 2011 / London Weddings, St Etheldreda's

St Etheldreda's wedding photography: London wedding, Patricia and Chris


St Etheldreda’s in London is becoming a regular venue for me to photograph at. I am back there for a wedding in mid-November and very much looking forward to it. The church – the oldest Catholic church in the UK, reminds me of Dr Who’s Tardis. From the street there is not much to see but when you walk inside it’s breathtaking and the choir…wow, I challenge anyone not to be moved by the experience.

Pat and Chris had traveled some way for their wedding at St Etheldreda’s. They both live and work in Singapore.

Pat and the girls got ready at The Rookery Hotel before taking the short drive to the church. A slight delay in the service as I believe someone left the rings at their hotel – oh dear, schoolboy error.

After the wonderful service they day ran without a hitch with the reception in the skilled hands of Jean-Louis and his staff. The Crypt has a wonderful candle lit atmosphere that requires some delicate lighting balance to capture at its best.


Simon, we cannot thank you enough for your work in delivering us the singularly most beautiful wedding memories imaginable. You genuinely managed to catch the spirit of the day in every shot – the warmth, the love, the smiles, the laughs, the bubbles. We couldn’t have asked for finer pictures that immediately transport us back there every time we look at them.

Dear Simon,
I’m going to be a bridesmaid at one of the weddings you are shooting next year at this very church! Your work is beautiful and I can’t wait to see how you document my best friends wedding.

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