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Stationers Hall wedding photographer: Sanjee and Su-San


London weddings. There is something special about working in the captial. The history, buildings and buzz of the city. I was delighted that Sanjee and Su-San chose me to be their Stationers Hall wedding photographer. My first time at this incredible venue and I am really taken by it.

There was also another twist to this wedding story. Another first for me. Sanjee and Su-San had actually already completed the legal requirements to be husband and wife abroad. This spectacular London event was a celebration that their wider family and friends could enjoy with them. So….how about being married by a magician?

This proved to be a wonderful visual feast for everyone, as the rings appeared from a flash of flames!

My day started with some preparation images at The Grange Hotel before meeting Sanjee and the boys. Stationers Hall has a beautiful secluded garden area which made the perfect location for guest pre and post ceremony drinks.

After the theatre of the service with many tricks and surprises, I took my role as Stationers Hall wedding photographer and took the guys for a couple of portraits in Patonoster Square and around St Paul’s.

Sanjee has a passion for music and is a bit of a rock god. The evening was a celebration of music talents honed from many a mispent uni late evening. This wrapped up a wonderful day with many unexpected surprises. Sanjee, Su-San and their friends were an imense crowd of characters to work with.

Thank you and my best wishes for many happy years together.

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