September 27, 2007 / Uncategorized

Vicars that say no


I seem to be coming across this problem more and more often, Vicars (Priests, Reverends, Pastors etc) that refuse any photography at the front of the church during the service. Maybe they have been scared from previous photographers who have blasted the rituals with flash and got themselves just a little bit too close.

It seems a real shame to me that couples can be deprived of images of a moment thats key to the wedding day, and often rich with emotion. My solution to this is to only move while the congregation are singing hymns, not to photograph during prayer, to use available light and no flash and to use a long lens that keeps me well away in the background.

Heres some pictures from a classic recent example. After being adamant that he wanted no pictures during the service, this particular Vicar didn’t even know I was there…..and the clients loved the pictures that are an important part of their wedding story.

Still, for every Vicar that says no, there are many that are happy to say yes.

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